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New Zealand Frontiers genuinely appreciates your interest in hiring one of our motorhomes for your proposed vacation. The relationships we establish with our clients have put smiles on our dials for more than 20 years, oil the operation of our business, and feed our family.

We answer all enquiries received, even when we are booked out for the period you’ve enquired about. Regrettably, this does not guarantee you will receive our reply.

  • We use carrier pigeons to deliver our email
  • Due to the vast distances involved it is not unheard of for them to drop in to a tropical island for rest along the way and fail to get airborne again after having too many Pina Coladas. On such occasions their ghost can often be found haunting your spam inbox
  • Sadly, on rare occasions, our pigeons have been known to disappear without trace – an event likely caused by venturing too high, suffering oxygen starvation and crashing to the ocean below
  • We’re also aware that the fancy electronic replacements for pigeons employed in some developed nations can result in your enquiry failing to make it to New Zealand. Previously this was often caused by the carrier consuming fermenting berries and behaving erratically, which was easily overcome by uprooting the source of merriment. These days it’s more complicated

If you haven’t received a visit from one of our exhausted messengers within 24 hours, and cannot find it lurking with other trash erroneously dismissed as unimportant, please feel free to add to your contacts and try sending another enquiry.