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Thank you for your interest in renting a New Zealand Frontiers Motorhome for your vacation. New Zealand Frontiers aims to provide a personal response to your enquiry within 24 hours.

New Zealand Frontiers responds to ALL online enquiries received. In the event that the cyber-pigeon carrying your message (or its reply) suffers a fatal exception resulting in termination of its journey, you may not receive your reply.

Common reasons for this are:

  • Your pigeon doesn't arrive in New Zealand (New Zealand Frontiers does not receive your enquiry)
  • Your pigeon has an incorrect return address attached to its leg (You entered an invalid return e-mail address when completing the enquiry form)
  • Your pigeon made it home with our reply but found its cage door shut (This can be due to numerous causes, the most common of which is that your e-mail security settings prevented receipt of our reply. You may also have set up an auto 'Out of Office' reply to incoming mail, or your mail box may be full and rejecting further incoming mail)
  • Your pigeon ate some fermenting berries and is behaving in an erratic manner or had a seizure. It may have chosen an unwisely high orbit and suffered from oxygen starvation. (Other technical difficulties beyond the control of New Zealand Frontiers resulted in your message or our reply getting lost in the system)

New Zealand Frontiers values all enquiries while accepting that internet communication is subject to occasional failures. You may wish to try re-submitting your enquiry if you have not received a reply within 24 hours.