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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to ask.. and more! Click a topic for answers to any questions you may have about renting a New Zealand Frontiers motorhome.

If you have more to ask, just get in touch and New Zealand Frontiers will assign a friendly, knowledgeable consultant to each enquiry who will happily provide any further information you may require - whether you've already secured a reservation or just wish to seek advice on a proposed vacation.

The factors determining how much the option of a vacation in a rental motorhome will cost are similar to those influencing the cost of any holiday and include;

  • How long you hire for and the time of the year you choose to travel in. Low season rates are less than half the cost of travelling during peak season, and the daily rental rate also decreases for longer hires. A rental of more than 50 days duration during the winter months of May thru September can achieve a rental rate as low as $145 per day, while a rental of less than 10 days duration in peak season may cost almost three times as much per day.
  • Whether you accept the $5000 excess insurance option included in the daily rental rate or choose the zero excess option for an additional $30 per day (commonly as much as $70 per day with other operators)
  • Whether your itinerary requires ferry crossings between the North and South Islands or relocation of your vehicle.

At New Zealand Frontiers we’re proud to ensure the cost of your rental is transparent and predictable. How much a proposed trip will cost is the first thing everyone wants to know and our website includes a good old fashioned table of rental rates that many other rental companies prefer to conceal. We’ll happily provide you with a written quote and will offer advice on reducing the cost if possible. Once you’ve confirmed your intentions we’ll even guarantee the cost – which will include complimentary items like access to toll roads, road user charges, credit card commission fees, GPS navigation, a picnic table and chairs, vehicle delivery to your hotel or arriving flight, child seats, toilet chemicals, a full bottle of gas, tyre chains, linen – all things that are often offered as extras by other operators.

Yes. All New Zealand Frontiers vehicles are fitted with a total of four cigarette lighter type power outlets conveniently located throughout the dash and living areas. There is plenty of space nearby to place items such as mobile phones while they recharge. The sockets are also within easy reach of the bench top in the living area. 240 volt outlets are provided in the living area (along with a universal plug adapter), though these require connection of the vehicle to the mains power supply to operate.

No. New Zealand Frontiers does not charge extra for additional drivers. Please note that drivers are only covered by insurance if they are listed on the rental contract. Because it costs nothing to be listed, we recommend that you list the names of all licenced drivers on the contract at the time of receiving your motorhome - even if you don't intend driving. This will ensure that you receive insurance cover should decide to share the driving during your travels - once you have discovered just how relaxing our roads are!

Yes. New Zealand is fortunate to experience a particularly mild climate, with few extremes of heat or cold. However, all New Zealand Frontiers motorhomes are equipped with both driver air-conditioning to enhance comfortable travel at any time of the year, and 240 volt air-conditioning systems that will ensure you remain fresh and condensation-free during stays in motorhome parks.

New Zealand regulations require that all passengers must be seated and wearing seat belts while driving. Unfortunately the Ford Transit two berth model motorhome only has provisions for seat belts on the two front seats. As a transport service licence holder, New Zealand Frontiers has both a legal and a moral obligation to ensure that all safety requirements are met and cannot therefore accept rentals of two berth vehicles where the client intends carrying three persons. Which means you'll have to leave the kids at home!

Big. (and comfortable!) At 1.95 x 1.73m , the beds are not only the largest available in any motorhome model offered in New Zealand - they are also so comfortable you'll actually find yourself looking forward to climbing under the queen sized duvet at the end of each day's adventures. Bedding provided ensures you remain very cosy, even during winter-time wanderings. Although the sleeping arrangements offer the option of one double or two single bed layouts, most clients find that even when travelling with someone they are not accustomed to sharing a bed with, the huge size of the double provides an uninterrupted night's sleep.

Unfortunately the Ford Transit model motorhome operated by New Zealand Frontiers is not suited to carrying bicycles. This is because the rear doors of the vehicle - where the bikes would be carried - provide one of the main entries to the living area. Naturally carrying bikes inside would cause considerable inconvenience. However, you can be assured that there are many opportunities to day hire bikes throughout New Zealand. You may well find that occasional day hire expenses would cost you less than the hire charge you would incur to take bicycles with you for the full term of your motorhome rental - and you get to choose the sunny days! Bikes can typically be obtained from some hotels, bike shops, or bicycle rental operators on lake and waterfronts. Bike rental operators can also be found at most mountain bike parks - these often have over 50 kilometers of purpose built challenge trails.

Rental costs range from $NZD35 at some holiday parks for a full day of wobbling around the local wineries, to $NZD60 for two hours hire of a full suspension beast at a mountain bike park.

Easy. New Zealand Frontiers gives you the peace of mind of nationwide roadside assistance in the event that you encounter problems during your travels. This is accessible via a quick phone call from anywhere in New Zealand and can be used for anything from changes to your ferry bookings or advice on how to use your vehicle's features, to having contaminated fuel removed should you fill up with the wrong type. The time taken to reach you will depend on your location, but could vary from less than 30 minutes in cities to a couple of hours in remote areas. It is New Zealand Frontiers policy to attempt to get you back on the road just as quickly as possible. However, in the unlikely event of a vehicle replacement being necessary and where fault lies with us, a full refund of any time lost is always offered.

Even new vehicles can have occasional systems failures. Despite this, it is the experience of New Zealand Frontiers that only a small percentage of rentals encounter problems. Furthermore, the majority of problems experienced are minor and can be attended to at your convenience later in your travels.

All New Zealand Frontiers motorhomes are mechanically inspected and serviced every 15 000 km to standards greater than is required by the manufacturer. Additionally, independent safety inspections by government agencies are required every six months. As a result of these strict maintenance schedules and our enduring reputation for customer care, New Zealand Frontiers enjoys an enviable record for exceptional vehicle reliability and for prioritising the minimisation of disruption to your travels in the event that issues do arise.