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Let the spirit of freedom invigorate your soul..

Swim with dolphins, drift across sparkling bays in a sea kayak, horse trek through mountains or take a leisurely stroll along a golden beach. Heli ski, bungee jump, or raft a waterfall. New Zealand Frontiers can help you acheive the dream with an independent motorhome vacation of your very own.

More than just a rental campervan company, New Zealand Frontiers offers you Motorhome Vacations in Paradise. With everything you could wish for in your own self contained, luxurious home away from home, you get the independence of setting your own pace or perhaps choosing just to spend a whole day right where you are, exploring a new found corner of tranquility. Imagine waking in a remote valley to the awe inspiring vista of an alpine sunrise, with not another soul in sight. Only the call of birdsong interupts the silence.

You might decide to spend the entire day right there, exploring undisturbed native forest on a gentle walk or taking an energetic hike up a mountainside to a beconing viewpoint.

Perhaps your day awakens to the sound of waves lapping a deserted beach that you can step onto in bare feet from your bedroom door. After a morning ocean swim or an invigorating hot shower followed by a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs or pancakes you wander on through small villages.

Sunset sees your day end with a barbeque in a similar idyllic cove of your very own further along the coastline. Virtual reality? To the friendly locals you'll meet along the way it's actual reality, just waiting to be discovered by you.

This is the land featured as the set for the Lord of the Rings trilogy - the same land that often inspires visitors to tell others that if they only ever ever see one place in the world, then go to New Zealand.

With a free spirit you can plan your own itinerary to include cafes and galleries set along scenic harbouside drives, fascinating museums in the heart of bustling cities, or the pristine beauty of alpine, volcanic and coastal national parks.

Within easy reach are forests among the oldest in the world. Mountain parrots and flightless hens often forage right beside the road. You can explore towns as english as Cambridge, alpine resorts representing the St Moritz of the South Pacific, or the beaches of Thailand and California with the remoteness of New Zealand. And at journey's end chances are that you'll agree with a sax playing former president who said that if he had it his way, he'd be back tomorrow!

Let the spirit of freedom invigorate your soul with a New Zealand Frontiers motorhome vacation.

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