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New Zealand has achieved a well publicised success story in the global battle against Covid-19. Following a hard lockdown by our 'team of five million' at the first sign of community transmission of the virus, the illness was successfully eradicated from the country. Part of the effort was the closure of our border. New Zealanders returning home to escape the economic destruction being wrought abroad have since reintroduced a small number of Covid-19 cases that are fortunately confined within the compulsory quarantine facilities that await them upon arrival. Tourism is an important part of our economy. Despite our legendary friendliness, there is widespread acceptance that we truly are the lucky country to have Covid-free communities, and that there are overriding benefits to remaining this way.

Strict regulations continue to forbid the entry of citizens of other countries to New Zealand. While the situation is continually reassessed and limited exemptions are available, these exemptions require two weeks of quarantine upon arrival and currently do not extend to people wishing to visit for holiday purposes. Regrettably New Zealand Frontiers must advise that it would be unwise for citizens of other countries to book travel arrangements within New Zealand for any future dates until such time as border controls have been relaxed to facilitate entry for holiday purposes. Further information, including on exemptions and the latest situation, can be found on the Covid-19 page of the Ministry of Health website.

For people who remain in a position to holiday within New Zealand, travels by motorhome offer the distinct benefit during these health-conscious times of being able to maintain your own space over the alternative of checking into a new accommodation establishment with high guest turnover each day. New Zealand Frontiers reassures anyone considering an unforgettable motorhome road trip that our vehicles continue to receive the same meticulous eight hours of preparation between rentals that they have since the day the company was founded. This includes a thorough wipe-down of all interior hard surfaces and vacuuming of all soft surfaces, with results that have even been described in reviews as clinical cleanliness.