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Enjoy the wonderful images in this gallery and be inspired to visit our friendly shores. The photos show scenes encountered during any visit to New Zealand - with some even shot by previous 'Frontiersfolk' while enjoying their travels around an amazing country that begs to be photographed. Use the links below to find out more about experiencing New Zealand from the comfort and freedom of your own motorhome.

Koru, the fern frond form that represents birth and purity

 New Zealand Frontiers

Kea, the world's only alpine parrot, of which perhaps only 5000 exist

 Ian Trafford

Kiwi, flightless, nocturnal, and a national icon

 Focus NZ Photo

Pohutukawa, our christmas tree, flowers along summer coastlines

 Adventure Films

Kiwi chicks can be viewed at several hatcheries prior to release

 New Zealand Frontiers
Two species of dune and estuary dwelling dotterels are endemic

 New Zealand Frontiers
Red billed gulls are abundant nationwide

 New Zealand Frontiers
The Australasian gannet dives from great height when fishing

 New Zealand Frontiers

Hoiho, or yellow eyed penguin is the world's rarest penguin

 Penguin Place

38 million sheep are farmed for their meat and wool

 Focus NZ Photo

Hector's dolphins are among the world's smallest and rarest

 Chris McLennan

With their 3m wingspans, albatross breed near Dunedin

 Focus NZ Photo

13000 unsubsidised sheep farms earn over $NZD5bn annual exports

 Hiroshi Nameda

Kereru, New Zealand's wood pigeon is the world's largest

 Focus NZ Photo

Pohutukawa provide a crimson spectacle along summer beaches

 Focus NZ Photo

Tuatara, almost identical for 200 million years

 Unknown Source

Kekeno, the New Zealand fur seal, once hunted but now protected

 Jason Hosking

Kowhai, an iconic flower whose blossom heralds arrival of spring

 Focus NZ Photo

Kereru are found throughout New Zealand's forests

 Ian Trafford

Breeding colonies of gannets can be visited in several locations

 Tim Whittaker

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