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Cancellation Fees

  • There are no cancellation fees until 24 days before your rental is scheduled to begin.
  • 7 - 24 days before rental start date - 15% of payment received
  • 0 - 6 days before rental start date - 50% of payment received
  • Cancellation after reserved departure date (no show) or early return of the vehicle will result in no refund.


Important Notes

  • In cases where cancellation was due to unforseen circumstances and you are able to reschedule your reservation, any cancellation fees will be credited towards your new booking.

  • Please note that any refund payments due will be made at the exchange rate charged by the bank on the day the refund is processed. This may result in the amount you receive differing from the amount you paid.


Why Are Cancellation Fees Charged?

In accordance with New Zealand consumer law, New Zealand Frontiers reserves the right to charge cancellation fees on rental payments received to cover losses incurred when a client enters into a contract to use a service and then cancels that contract. Loss is experienced when New Zealand Frontiers is unable to re-sell a vehicle that had been held in your name and was subsequently released by your cancellation. Cancellation fees also contribute towards covering the administrative costs incurred in processing your reservation.

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